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Time & Labor Management Solution
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You need to automate and streamline your labor-intensive payroll and approval processes. But you want someone else to host and manage the software for you in a monthly subscription based billing format. Your enterprise has complex time, pay schedule and attendance rules. Not only that, your business may have a unique organizational structure, with workers in multiple locations and remote offices. Your decision makers need "real-time" information to control labor costs effectively and manage productivity.


Take control of your workforce by managing employee labor data in real time.
TimeStar On Demand™ is a 100% web-based user interface, scalable, and highly configurable for even the most complex time & attendance rules and organizational schemes. Galaxy’s streamlined TimeStar™ On-Demand solution delivers robust and flexible functionality with an exceptionally low cost of ownership. TimeStar™ On-Demand can be implemented within 10-days, with minimal setup costs and straightforward, per-employee, per-month subscription pricing. Your supervisors will use the Internet browser to monitor punch-ins & punch-outs as they happen — anytime and anywhere that they have access to a PC and the web.
They will make corrections, receive alerts, and run reports immediately. And you'll be empowered to make decisions for your enterprise as events are happening.

Key Features

  • Pay as you go- minimal setup costs and straightforward, per-employee, per-month subscription pricing.
  • “Any-time, any-where” access
  • Easy transition from subscription model to in-house licensed model if your needs change
  • Data Collection for all employee types- web/PC punch, spreadsheet entry, badge and biometric terminals
  • Rules Engine- Automate complex rules calculations (shift differentials, premiums, holiday, break and lunch rules, union policies, regulatory labor laws and much more.)
  • Attendance Policy management allows up to the minute tracking and notification of infractions and required actions.
  • Benefit Management- calculate and track employee time off requests and benefit balances.
  • Scheduling- comprehensive scheduling options for a variety of individual and organizational needs.
  • Customizable reporting tool utilizes Crystal Reports
  • Data Exchange (Integration / Interfacing)- electronically share data with payroll, HR, accounting and other back office application with highly configurable integration tools.

About Galaxy:
Galaxy develops and markets labor and workforce management tools for mid-and-small market business and industry. Established in 1988, Galaxy is your premiere source of software, technology solutions, and consultative support for: Time & Attendance Automation, Human Resources Management, Payroll Processing, Data Collection Devices / Timeclocks and  HRIS Integration Services .

Could your organization benefit from an integrated workforce management software solution between HR, Timekeeping and Payroll? T&ATP and HRTP have teamed-up to deliver a comprehensive, web-based solution for the entire "Punch-to-Paycheck" workflow.


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