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You need to automate and streamline your time and attendance processes in your small to medium sized business. Paper based processes are eating up valuable time and are error prone. Your organization does not have complicated pay rules and you are working with a limited budget so you need to optimize your dollar and not purchase unneeded functionality.


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TimeForce is effective for both hourly and salaried personnel. It replaces manual punch clocks and paper timesheets with a simple but powerful software system. TimeForce also offers seamless integration to Ascentis HROffice HRIS. One of the greatest attributes of TimeForce is that each component integrates seamlessly with the next. No matter what tools you need, every time clock, each software module, and all services combine to create the overall customized system that completely addresses your time and attendance and workforce management needs.





  • Multiple choices of communications…serial, modem, ethernet, wireless ethernet, etc
  • Clock-in by physical clocks, pc, network, internet, PDA, telephone…or combinations of all the above
  • Expansion of your software and hardware requirements as your company’s needs change and grow
  • ASP models for customers who prefer to lease instead of purchase
  • Annual maintenance agreements to enable our customers to stay abreast of modern technology
  • Upgrade paths for all products
  • Multiple choices of functionalities so the customer can choose what is best for them

About TimeForce
TimeForce was created by a software / hardware development and marketing company established in 1992.  It serves several industries with its multiple product lines consisting of Manager Plus Maintenance Management Software, HRGold Human Resources Software, and Electronic Time and Attendance Systems including: Gold Suite Desktop & Enterprise Programs, and TimeForce Desktop & Browser-Based Programs. 


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