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Human Resources Management Solution
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EZ-Track HRMS imageEZ-Track — A Complete Time and Labor Solution

EZ-Track is Employee Based Systems' time collection, attendance tracking and employee scheduling software. With EZ-Track, managing labor costs just got easier.

EZ-Track is completely configurable and processes employee time punches from time clocks or other EBS Web based data collection applications. EZ-Track can import all the demographic and payroll information from any compatible payroll application, making initial implementation quick and easy.

Easy track transparently polls the payroll application for additions and changes so it is always automatically synchronized with payroll. EZ-Track processes all the time punches for every employee based on the rules configured within the system, then transmits the processed punches to the payroll application where deductions for benefits are made and payroll checks are cut.

Key Features:

  • Built from the ground up as an Internet application using Microsoft .Net® Technology. Requires only an Internet browser on client machines
  • Punches are recorded in real time and are immediately accessible
  • Supervisors can access application from anywhere at any time to view, modify, and approve time punches
  • Tightly integrated with compatible payroll processing engines
  • Every rule, such as those that controlling schedules, attendance, pay groups, time-rounding and processing, can be completely customized
  • Posts processed punch data directly to the payroll
  • Allows you to perform mass changes to groups of employees
  • Creates back up files to protect you from data loss
  • Maintains the integrity of your data by optimizing your files
  • Provides extensive security options
  • Designed to help ensure accuracy by presenting a complete view of employee time punches during different pay periods and highlighting potential inconsistencies
  • Flexibility to be configured according to your company's unique needs with a system of rules designed similar to those of Abra Suite
  • Complete, customizable reporting capabilities designed

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