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Empower WorkForce Management (WFM) Browser-Based Time & Attendance
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Labor  Management Solution
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You need to automate and streamline your labor-intensive payroll and approval processes. But your enterprise has highly complex time, pay schedule and attendance rules. But you need the ability to track labor budgets, create optimized schedules, and forecast labor demand. Not only that, your business has a unique organizational structure, with workers in multiple locations and remote offices. Your decision makers also need "real-time" information to control labor costs effectively and manage productivity. And you haven't the time or resources to manage and distribute a complicated client/server based solution. You want a solution that you will never have to pay to upgrade the system, EVER...What to do?

Empower WFM

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Empower WFM

Take control of your workforce by managing employee labor data in real time.
Empower WFM ™Labor costs represent one of the highest controllable expenses for most companies. And as we look to the future, employee wages are on the rise and businesses are under increasing pressure to perform financially and reduce employee turnover by increasing management responsiveness to their needs. EmpowerWFM™ is a browser-based solution designed to help your organization effectively manage its workforce – in real time. EmpowerWFM’s sophisticated application monitors and manages key business indicators as they happen – ensuring you are always working with information that is up-to-date, accurate and delivered instantly. 

Key Features

  • Budgeting

    EmpowerWFM™ Budgeter gives you the power to coordinate your workforce plan with a detailed budget, so that everything is in synch with your overall organizational goals and objectives. Set budget parameters for creating detailed forecast of business volume, customer demand and the resulting workforce requirements and costs, so you can accurately determine how much labor is required to efficiently meet the demands of your business.


    EmpowerWFM™ Forecaster is geared toward the large enterprise sector, and takes a wide range of factors into consideration to help you decide how many people are needed to satisfy the demands of your business. EmpowerWFM Forecaster maintains a historical database of key business volume data and can independently forecast business volume according to the time of day or the day of the week. It even incorporates adjustments to allow for special events such as holidays or sales.


    EmpowerWFM™ Scheduler gives your company the tools to improve the productivity and performance of your workforce by putting the right people to work in the right place, at the right time. Automatically generate employee schedules that meet forecast demand and conform to government regulations, corporate policies, and employees' personal preferences; and take a more intelligent approach aligning your labor resources with the constantly changing demands and trends of your business.


    EmpowerWFM™ Dashboard is a centralized operating management tool that gives your organization the ability to make informed, real-time business decisions. With a variety of alerts that allow managers to be notified of rapidly changing business conditions that may affect profitability, you can act instead of react to key metrics and rapidly changing business conditions, saving time and saving money.

About Empower
Empower provides clients with an integrated suite of software and services that help to manage every aspect of the employee lifecycle. Since your business is like no other and has its own unique set of needs, we offer a comprehensive suite of products in a variety of delivery models.

We boast thousands of client relationships in a wide range of industries – many of them in the Fortune 1000. What’s more, we have the highest client retention rate in the industry – a testament to our unparalleled client support and service.

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