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Which data collection method is right for your organization? Perhaps you need more than one type due to differences in your work force. Many do, especially if you want a Labor Management system and not a time clock system.

The information below is a preview of what is contained in our free “Data Collection Buyers Guide”. The guide should help you get an idea of what is commonly available in the market today. Although vendors may offer products from different manufacturers, the basics will remain the same and are outlined below.    

Badge Terminals- (time clocks)
Although there are many variations of clock terminals, there are only 4 primary manufacturers of badge and biometric terminals in the market today. (Very few vendors manufacture their own terminals) ATS, CMI, RSI and Synel dominate the badge and biometric terminal market. Kronos manufacturers their own clock terminals but very few others do. Regardless of the name on the clock it was probably manufactured by a 3rd party.

Types of Badges: Barcode, Magnetic Stripe, and Proximity are the most common and in order of popularity. …

Communication types:  Ethernet, Modem, and Direct cable …

Polling and Pushing: Historically terminals have been “polled” by the software to collect the punches stored there. This happens on a predefined schedule…

Functionality: Most clock terminals offer extensive functionality capabilities but most organizations only use the basics. …

3rd Party terminals:
This is a fact of life in the T&A industry…

Biometric Terminals
Biometric collection devices don’t differ much from the Badge Terminals above except for the biometric device its self which takes the place of the badge. The employee’s hand, finger or thumb is their badge.

Hand Readers:  Recognition Systems (RSI) manufacturers the Hand Punch and over the last 20 years it has become the industry standard in biometric collection devices. …

Finger Readers: Several manufacturers provide finger readers used by the manufacturers of Biometric terminals. However not all readers are created equally …

Employee Self Service (ESS)
ESS is the ability for an employee to use a PC or Kiosk to punch and possibly to access their personal time and attendance information. …

Handheld devices-
Handheld data collection can mean a lot of different things and there are a lot of options…kind of. In most cases this device is a handheld computer with software from the T&A vendor installed on it. The handheld units are most commonly used by supervisors or crew leaders, not the individual employee.

Collecting punches via a telephone voice prompt system has long been available but in many cases the cost of such a collection system made it impractical for many organizations. Although the costs can still be significant with some options in the market, the benefit can be tremendous for some organizations. …

Our Data Collection Buyers Guide greatly expands on each of these data collection types and should help you better understand what is available. Request a free copy below. We wrote it for you and want you to have it.

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